Project Officer/Communication, outreach and marketing - Green Cities Project - UNDP Moldova

The Project Officer/Communication outreach and marketing, under the overall supervision and guidance of Green City Project Manager and in close cooperation with the Chisinau City Hall and Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, will be responsible for managing the successful implementation of communication, outreach and marketing activities of GCL.

The incumbent will ensure the provision of development services and products (commensurate with the scope of the projects) of the highest quality and standards to national counterparts and clients.

More specifically, the Officer will perform the following functions:

  1. Co-manage, with the Project manager and Officer, the day-to-day operations of GCL;
  2. Be responsible for the development and implementation of the Project annual work plan related communication, outreach and marketing activities (Projects communication plans), according to indicators, for achieving planned results, as well as for the overall management of the Project in accordance to prevailing UNDP rules, regulations and procedures;
  3. Identify appropriate suppliers for the provision of goods and services for activities under the communication plan;
  4. Write TORs for short-term experts and service providers to be hired to deliver Communication and Visibility services; 
  5. Lead, coordinate work of, and evaluate project consultants and providers related to Communication & Visibility; 
  6. Assume full responsibility for and manage effectively and efficiently all GCL communication, outreach and marketing activities and resources (human, financial, physical/material assets, etc) in order to meet expected results;
  7. Develop, together with the Project manager and Officer, and submit to the supervisors, corresponding periodical reports on GCL activities;
  8. Contribute in the implementation of marketing strategies
  9. Take lead and coordinate implementation of pilot projects as per Project manager request  
  10. Identify target audiences, beneficiaries actual and potential, and develop and implement strategies for engaging and influencing them. Develop communications and branding/positioning strategy and annual outreach, marketing and communications plans for GCL.
  11. Undertake continuous monitoring of the impacts of the communication actions through both a media log and a log of enquiries arising from media exposure;
  12. Identify and communicate about novelties in the innovation field to the target group of the project, locally and internationally.
  13. Conduct market research to identify opportunities for promotion and growth of the GCL portfolio. Conduct market research to determine present and future market requirements
  14. Organize and attend marketing activities or events to raise GCL awareness
  15. Coordinate and clear all communications, outreach and marketing -related activities;
  16. Expand and develop marketing platforms
  17. Develop and distribute press-releases, success stories, blog posts, photo essays, newsletters;
  18. Coordinate development of a wide range of promotional materials: visual, audio and video;
  19. Take and edit photos, take stock of all photos of the projects;
  20. Maintain database of GCL subscribers;
  21. Develop GCL’s online community, by engaging with stakeholders via social media and other channels;
  22. Manage GCL’s social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Medium, SlideShare, Flickr, YouTube and websites: to ensure consistency of both language versions based on corporate requirements and maintain the content up to date.
  23. Provide analytical, and administrative support in the delivery of events, workshops and seminars;
  24. Maintain the evidence of workshops and seminars delivered in support of GCL’s concepts, Government counterparts and UNDP colleagues;
  25. Ensure that GCL “work out loud” to ensure visibility and presentation of results of the Lab activities; ensure increased hits on the website and reach of the social media accounts, as well as evidence of visual content;
  26. Support UNDP E&E cluster lead in mainstreaming innovation and green economy into UNDP programming;
  27. Apply UNDP programming tools and policies as explained in the Results Management Guide. Keep abreast of UNDP programming practices and maintain an optimum level of knowledge by continuous learning;
  28. Ensure compliance with all corporate rules and regulations of UNDP and GEF in the field of communication and visibility promotion and reporting;
  29. Respond to queries from the Government, UNDP and GEF with respect to communication and visibility aspects of the project;
  30. Develop Final Evaluation notes after the piloting of each approach/project (results achieved, lessons learned, recommendations for similar future projects);
  31. Coordinate and clear all communications-related activities with UNDP Moldova CO Communications Analyst.
  32. Contribute to UNDP Moldova social media and web presence
  33. Elaborate, implement and continuously monitor a communication and visibility plan in promotion of the visibility of project results including appropriate feedback mechanisms and monitoring tools; 
  34. Write stories, press releases, blog posts and news about the projects’ most important achievements to be placed in the national media as well as in the local and regional websites;
  35. Other tasks and responsibilities as requested by the Project Manager.


Corporate Competencies:

  • Demonstrates commitment to UNDP’s mission, vision and values;
  • Exerts strict adherence to corporate rules, regulations and procedures. Familiarity with the internal control framework and results-based management tools is a must;
  • Adheres to the core values of the United Nations; in particular, is respectful of differences of culture, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, language, age, HIV status, disability, and sexual orientation, or other status. Ensures that programmes and projects are consistent with UN/UNDP values;
  • Treats peers fairly by maintaining consistent values inspiring trust and confidence through personal credibility;
  • Accepts responsibility and accountability for the quality of the outcome of his/her decisions;

Functional Competencies:

Knowledge Management and Learning

  • Shares knowledge and experience;
  • Focuses on tasks/activities which have a strategic impact on programme and capacity development activities and implement them on request time and date;
  • Promotes a supportive environment to enhance partnerships, leverages resources and build support for UNDP’s/ GCL’s strategic initiatives;
  • Actively works towards continuing personal learning, acts on learning plan and applies newly acquired skills;
  • Strong research and networking skills;
  • Intellectual curiosity;

Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise / In-depth knowledge of the Subject-matter

  • Understands more advanced aspects of primary area of specialization as well as the fundamental concepts of related disciplines;
  • Aware of the latest trends in digital marketing (soft, social networks, non-traditional tools, etc.);
  • Good understanding of market research techniques, statistical and data analysis methods
  • Solid knowledge of marketing techniques and principles
  • Excellent writing skills and good presentation skills;
  • Adaptation and application of knowledge/innovation in different context;
  • Excellent communication skills and good coordination skills;
  • Continues to seek new and improved methods and systems for accomplishing the work of the unit;
  • Keeps abreast of new developments in area of professional discipline and job knowledge and seeks to develop him/herself professionally;
  • Interested in social entrepreneurship, ideas and innovation;
  • Creative flair and originality;
  • Knows how to work with online tools such as: mailchimp, basecamp, canva, piktochart, photoshop the basics;
  • Active in groups, forums, etc.;
  • Basic knowledge of photography/live video streaming/video making;

Development and Operational Effectiveness

  • Ability to perform a variety of specialized tasks related to Results-Based Management, including planning and implementation of Programme, managing data, reporting;
  • Ability to obtain, evaluate and interpret factual data and to prepare accurate and complete reports and other documents;
  • Ability to write and communicate orally with accuracy and professionalism, as well as sensitively across different constituencies;
  • Capacity to implement the strategic vision and programmatic goals as laid down in the Project Document;
  • Ability to engage with various partners and stakeholders at different levels, to establish and maintain contacts with senior-level officials of the host government and represent UNDP in national and regional fora.
  • Proven performance in organizing and coordinating major initiatives, events or challenging inter-organizational activities;
  • Adapts flexibly to changing situations, overcomes obstacles and recovers quickly from set-backs;

Leadership and Self-Management

  • Focuses on result for the client and responds positively to feedback;
  • Ability to achieve results and meet strict deadlines in an effective manner, maintaining a high-quality standard throughout;
  • Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive and collaborative attitude;
  • Tolerates conditions of stress, uncertainty or ambiguity and continues to maintain a positive outlook and to work productively;
  • Ability to show initiative and work independently;
  • Demonstrated organizational and planning skills;
  • Critical thinking and self-motivation;
  • Fast learner and encourage the learning of others;
  • Informed and transparent decision making;

Required Skills and Experience


  • Master Degree or equivalent (University Degree with 5 years of studies) in communications, social studies or other related discipline.


  • At least six (6) years of professional experience at national or international level in the development programmes, communication, civic or private engagement, marketing or digital communications.
  • Experience in the design and delivery of lectures, workshops or seminars is an advantage;
  • Experience in working with the public sector (Government and local public institutions), private sector, academia and NGOs is a strong asset;
  • Records of writing reports, researches, articles and/or blogs.
  • Experience in the usage of computers, office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc), as well as multimedia tools.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in oral and written Romanian, Russian, and English is required;
  • Working knowledge of one or more additional languages relevant for Moldova, including Bulgarian, Gagauzian, Romani, Ukrainian or sign language would be an asset.
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