Тренинг для молодых кинокритиков - Trainee Programme for Young Film Critics

Журналисты в возрасте до 30 лет, интересующиеся кинокритикой и свободно владеющие английским языком, могут подать заявки на участие в этом тренинге в Роттердаме.

Международный кинофестиваль в Роттердаме (IFFR) проводит ежегодный тренинг для молодых кинокритиков, который будет проходить с 22 января до 2 февраля 2020 года. 

Восемь участников тренинга получат возможность освещать события крупнейшего международного кинофестиваля, вести блог на сайте IFFR и встречаться с опытными кинокритиками.

Организаторы берут на себя оплату проживания в отеле, а также частичное возмещение транспортных расходов для участников из стран, находящихся за пределами Европы.

Кандидаты должны свободно владеть письменным и разговорным английским языком, сотрудничать с печатным или онлайн-СМИ, для которого они будут писать о фестивале, а также не должны быть опытными профессиональными кинокритиками. Обычно для участия в программе отбирается до четырех претендентов.

Заявки принимаются до 1 октября.


IFFR recognises the vital importance of film analysis and criticism. That’s why, in 1998, we launched our Young Film Critics trainee programme to support a new generation of young and upcoming film critics.

A group of young and motivated professional film critics from outside the Netherlands are invited to come to Rotterdam to cover our festival. We provide them with the means to sharpen their journalistic practice and explore the wide landscape of independent cinema on offer at IFFR, one of the major international film festivals for press, industry members and audiences.

The programme provides a unique insight into a broad range of programmes on offer at our festival, ranging from films by well-known arthouse auteurs to more experimental and obscure cinematic gems and from art installations and performances to talks and film industry conferences.

As a trainee, you are part of the editorial team of the festival. You will have meetings with experienced film critics from different backgrounds, cover the festival for your own journalistic affiliation and be part of IFFR's editorial staff. Of course you will also get to experience the full joy of being at International Film Festival Rotterdam. With the changing media landscape in mind, this year’s programme will put special focus on candidates with mixed talents – next to excellent writing skills, experience in (or great ideas for) audiovisual, audio or other innovative modes of journalism are appreciated.

Application process

Please send your application to internationalpress@iffr.com with the following attached (as one PDF):

  • CV
  • Motivational letter
  • Three examples of your published work (video, audio or written)
  • A confirmation letter of your outlet which will publish your work at IFFR 2020
  • Information about the outlet (reach, target group etc.) 

What you can expect

  • Complimentary IFFR 2019 press accreditation
  • Budget hotel accommodation in Rotterdam
  • A partial refund of travel costs when traveling from outside Europe
  • A full schedule. IFFR aims at making trainees fully integral to the festival and lets them participate in the delivery of daily festival outlets. The trainees will form a team, hosted by the IFFR Press Office and the festival editorial staff. You get to explore all aspects of IFFR (screenings, exhibitions, Q&A sessions, masterclasses and talks, debates, film industry conferences) as part of the programme and to cover for your own media.
  • If your participation is successful and you have published reports that meet IFFR’s standards (both in quality and quantity), you get the opportunity to visit the next edition of the festival as an accredited journalist.

What we need from you

  • You are under 30 years of age
  • Fluent command of the English language (written and spoken)
  • Demonstrable experience in film criticism (print, video, audio or online media) + storyboard or any creative form of daily reporting
  • Addresses the following topics: film review, festival review, Film Industry reports and trends, arts & culture review, masterclasses and talks review
  • You’re not yet established enough to profit from privileges such as attending international film festivals outside your country
  • You have made an agreement(s) with relevant print and/or online media to publish reports on International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019.

Deadline for submission: 1 October 2019

More information: https://iffr.com/en/young-film-critics