Call for Grant Applications: Advance Budget Transparency in Moldova, FSVC

This is a Call for Applications for the following project: Advance Budget Transparency in the Republic of Moldova and Enhance Citizens’ Awareness and Participation in the Budget Process

The Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC) is seeking applications for a grant from qualified Moldovan civil society organizations (CSOs).  FSVC welcomes applications from registered non-governmental organizations based in the Republic of Moldova that seek to increase public participation in the budget process and raise awareness about budget transparency and accountability.  


FSVC will select a number of initiatives for up to $ 25, 000 in funding each.  Selected initiatives will receive financial assistance over the course of four months. 

The estimated implementation period will be April-mid July 2019, the latest.


Applicants shall submit proposals which support the overall FSVC program objectivesin the following areas:

  1. Raising citizen’s awareness about budget transparency and accountability;
  2. Strengthening public participation in the budget process;
  3. Strengthening the relationship between citizens, CSOs and government entities in budget reforms;
  4. Supporting the Ministry of Finance and other relevant Government institutions in effectively informing and engaging with different groups, including regular citizens, about the budget. 

In line with the overall objectives, applicants shall submit proposals including, but not limited to, the following directions of activity:

  • Design and conduct a series of public events with participation of relevant Government authorities (Central, Regional and Local), CSOs, citizen groups, local and national media around budget transparency and participation in the budget process, Citizen’s Budget awareness and use, and other topics as relevant.  Minimum 1-2 events in Chisinau, and at least 4 in the regions (1 each in the North, Centre, South and Gagauzia);
  • Produce a template for the Citizen’s Budget, test it with the Ministry of Finance and focus groups, as needed, and provide an editable final version of the template to the MoF for further use with all the rights available. Provide required training of MoF staff and relevant departments in the preparation of citizen’s budgets, other budget/public finance data visualizations, as relevant;
  • Design and print a concise, highly visual booklet with the Citizen’s Budget for the last available year, and ensure wide dissemination, including but not limited to the Libraries Networks, relevant vocational and higher-education institutions, local and national NGOs, other outlets as appropriate.  A minimum of 2,000 copies, incl. 1500 copies in Romanian and 500 in Russian are expected to be printed in color, on recycled paper, and distributed, preferably by the end of the project. The applicant may propose additional visual materials, including but not limited to, for e.g. posters explaining the budget process/cycle, key revenue/expense streams, entry points for citizen’s participation – any visual aids that will help educate the public in budget preparation, execution and encourage participation. Organization of thematic TV/radio broadcasts, social media campaigns, may also be considered for funding provided proper justification and impact are strongly articulated in the proposal; 
  • Engage with the Members of Parliament, (MPs) particularly members of the Committee on Economy, Budget and Finance around budget transparency, participation and dialogue between Parliament and the CSOs in the budget process. Organize at least 2 dialogue events/trainings/round-tables or a combination of these, on issues including, but not limited to, expectations of the Civil Society from the Legislature in regard to their engagement and consultations in the budgetary process, enhancing overall transparency and cooperation.
  • Participate in the consultations with an IT company, MoF, other relevant authorities in the development of a Data Visualization web-portal on National Budget Execution.  The selected NGO shall provide expert advice, from the civil society and regular citizens’ point regarding the most optimal data visualization and navigation approach to be developed.  A minimum of 3 days’ workload of relevant hands-on expert advisory services shall be secured by the organization. 
  • Support the introduction of the newly created Data visualization web-portal on National Budget Execution in the public domain. Organize at least 1 public event/round-table with the participation of CSO representatives, Ministry of Finance, Parliament, think-tanks, representatives of Local and Public Authorities and other stakeholders, as relevant. 
  • Other activities aimed to enhance budget transparency and accountability in the Republic of Moldova may be proposed by the applicant mindful of grant timelines, relevancy and anticipated impact. 


  1. Non-profit Organizations (NGO) registered in the Republic of Moldova;
  2. Minimum 3 years of experience in the area of budget transparency, citizens’participation in the budget process or closely related fields;
  3. Availability of key personnel and organizational resources to implement the project and all its deliverables within target timeframe. 

Individuals and government, quasi-government or commercial agencies and bodies are not eligible for funding.


Proposals must be submitted electronically by April 1, 2019, 23:59 h (Moldova time) to FSVC Program Officer in Moldova, Ms. Victoria Ignat, at E-mail submissions must read the following in the subject line. “Application for Budget Transparency Grant Moldova – [name of Applicant organization]”. Applications can be submitted in Romanian or in English. Any requests for clarification shall be addressed in writing at no later than three business days before the deadline for the submission of proposals

Application package shall include the following documents:

1) Copy of the Registration Certificate demonstrating the legal status of the Applicant; 

2) Project Proposal that needs to include: 

  • A maximum 2-page summary of Organizational Experience in implementing relevant projects over the past 3 years; 
  • Proposal Summary stating, at minimum the Project’sObjectives, Expected Results (quantitative and qualitative), Activities andMethod(s) of implementation; 
  • Detailed four-monthWorkplan(structured by weeks) with clear and measurable activities under each objective (please refer to the indicative “directions of activity” for guidance in point 2);
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Planwith clear indicators to be measured under each objective and activity from the Workplan, along with sources of verification.

3) Project Budget following the template in Annex 1, including a 1-page budget narrative explaining the proposed costs;

4) CVs of Project Manager and Key Expert (s) proposed for project implementation;

5) Other relevant materials that may support the qualifications and experience of the applicant in budget transparency field may be included with the proposal. 


FSVC is a not-for-profit organization that advances economic development by strengthening financial sectors in developing countries.  FSVC believes that healthy financial systems are vital to promoting job creation, economic growth and a better quality of life.  FSVC works with public and private sector institutions in host countries, including financial regulators, ministry officials, law enforcement representatives, banks and non-bank financial institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and civil society representatives, among others.

This call for application is part of an FSVC program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


Please download the full text of the Call for Applications and its Annexes here: