Global Energy Transition Journalism Conference 2019 #GETJO19

We are inviting: Journalists, journalism networks and journalism funders. 07 Apr - 08 Apr 2019, Berlin, Germany.

The energy transition story cuts across borders and beats. Business transformation in response to the climate crisis is a major aspect of this story – and it matters how it's covered. That is why, at our second Global Energy Transition Journalism conference (GETJO), Clean Energy Wire CLEW will focus on the relationship between business and the energy transition – and of course journalism. Save the date and join us in Berlin!

Reporters at the traditional business desk often write about how corporations seek to meet new emission standards, or innovate in context with the energy transition. However, the connection between business on the one hand and the energy transition as well as the overall climate crisis on the other, is too often not explicit. Many journalists focusing on climate change meanwhile often overlook the role of businesses.

After a first successful conference alongside last year’s COP23 in Bonn – check out the GETJO17 highlights here and the conference programme here - the second edition of the Global Energy Transition Journalism conference on 7 – 8 April 2019 in Berlin will gather journalists, media professionals, foundation representatives and journalism researchers and address some of these pressing questions:

How do businesses adjust to the climate crisis? How does incumbent industries’ transformation look like? Who are the innovators? Who is leading, who is lagging or even working against the transition? What’s the bottom-line and financial impact? How do companies act and shape the transition across borders? And what are the questions journalists should be asking to get to the bottom of the story and inform their readers?

This page will continuously be updated with the conference programme, speakers, and a registration form to participate. Stay in the loop for updates by following our social media on Twitter and Facebook channels [hyperlinks einfügen].

If you would like to get more input from ministers and global business leaders, you can just stay on for two more days: The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD), held at Germany’s Foreign Office on 9-10 April 2019, brings together 1,500 experts on all energy transition aspects. Check their website for programme updates and how to seek accreditation.

The German Development Agency (GIZ) is also planning to offer a limited number of fellowships for international journalists travelling to the BETD. We will share their call for applications when it’s available.

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