Apply to Free Economy School in Moldova

Free Economy School is a non-formal educational project dedicated to students from Moldovan & Ukrainian universities. This project is fallen to one of the main goals of Moldovan Economic Freedom Institute “Milton Friedman”, regarding access to education about the values of free market and free economy.

The scope of this project is to attract young active students that share values of free economy and the free market. Unfortunately, in Moldovan universities don’t pay too much attention to this theme, and do not share this values. This is why this project is very actual for the Republic of Moldova.

Project on this subject is the first such one in Moldova. The first Free Economy School is designed for students of the first and second degree of the country's universities. At this school, we plan to attract students not only from the capital of Moldova, Chisinau but from other cities since the team projects believe that all students in Moldova should have the same access to the opportunity to gain new knowledge and education.

The program of the first Free Economy School is designed for 4 full days and for 20 participants. The program of the School assumes familiarization of students with the principles of the free economy. Introduction to the topic will take place not only in a lecture format but also provides for the study of the principles of Free Economy on ready-made study cases. This will help students not only to understand the principles of the free economy more quickly but also in more detail. Throughout the time, the participants of the school will be under the mentorship of 2 qualified trainers-moderators, who will conduct work with the participants in the cases, about which we mentioned above. Also, experts in the field of economics and business owners who understand the advantages of a free economy will visit the project participants daily. During the lectures, participants will be able to pick up not only new information but also ask experts interested in the topic of the free economy, as well as learn how the principles of a free market work in practice.

We will not engage any political party or organization from Moldova, we will just educate students in perspectives of Free Economy and how it can be critical for Moldovan development and future.

Deadline for application - 30th of October

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