International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival - Международный фестиваль документального кино о правах человека

Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is held annually in the last week of March in Kyiv. On completion, Docudays UA traditionally presents the best movies in the regions of Ukraine within the Docudays UA Travelling Festival. Films are demonstrated from October to December (inclusive).

The 16th Docudays UA will take place in Kyiv Cinema House on March 22-30, 2019.

Festival is non-political and non-profit. 


  • Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights;
  • Non-Government Оrganization “Pivden”;
  • Charitable organization “Charity and Health Found”;
  • Centre for Modern Information Techniques and Visual Arts.

Every year, organizers of the upcoming Festival create Organizing Committee consisting of representatives of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, Non-Government Оrganization “South”, Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation (KRCHF), Centre for Modern Information Techniques and Visual Arts and invited experts in the documentary, human rights, management and fundraising. All decisions on the Festival program, guests, jury members, seminars and workshops are adopted by the Organizing Committee.

Selection criteria

  • Films made in 2017 – 2018.
  • Only films not screened earlier in competition programs of other Ukrainian festivals, on Ukrainian TV, Ukrainian cinema and internet can participate in international competition programs. 
  • Ukrainian film premieres are given preference in considering the application for the National competition.
  • There is no restriction on genre, running time or year of production for non-feature films participating in the non-competition program, films of any timing unrestricted in the year of production are allowed notwithstanding the fact whether the film was screened earlier in competition programs of other Ukrainian festivals, on Ukrainian TV or Ukrainian cinema.
  • A film is allowed to be submitted to the Selection Committee only one single time. If a film was not accepted for the competition, the application next year will not be considered.
  • Films that were made to order, or represent report on activities of some organizations, or realization of certain projects, spread pronounced propaganda, lobby political or commercial interests, instructional and training films are debarred from participation.
  • All hard copies and online-links to film copies sent to the Festival will be kept in the Festival's archives.
  • The Festival has right to use short fragments of selected films, not longer than 3 min., for Festival-advertising purposes.
  • The festival has the right to upload all the films included in its film program to its online library. The resource is administrated by Docudays UA and functions from the first day of the Festival until the beginning of the next year’s Festival. The purpose of the online library is to provide online access to festival film program solely to the accredited participants and guests during the festival week. The term of a film’s storage in the online library is automatically extended to one year if the film’s rights holders do not express objections to it. Accordingly, the persons accredited by the festival get year-long access to viewing festival materials online (starting with the opening day of the Festival). The access is individual and cannot be transferred to third parties. None of the materials in the online library can be copied, published elsewhere, downloaded, posted, transferred, demonstrated, accessed by or distributed to any third parties.


  • Special Award from the Jury DOCU/RIGHT. 1000 USD. 
  • DOCU/WORLD Competition Award. 1000 USD. 
  • DOCU/UKRAINE Competition Award. 1000 USD. 
  • DOCU/SHORT Competition Award. 1000 USD. 
  • Andriy Matrosov Award, founded by Docudays UA organizers in the memory of Andriy Matrosov, the Festival’s producer who died in a car accident on February 16, 2010. 1000 USD. 
  • Student Jury Award. 1000 USD.
  • Additionally, in each of these nominations, the Jury can give special mentions to up to two films.
  • Based on an audience survey, the Audience Award winner will be determined. This film will also receive USD 1000.

Application and selection procedures

The films that participate in the Festival’s competition programs are selected by the Selection Commission which has five members. The Organizational Committee invites experts in documentary cinema and human rights advocacy to participate in the Selection Commission. The Festival Program is approved by the Organizational Committee. The order of the screenings is determined by the Festival’s Program Department.

Applications are received in several stages. The first deadline is on November 20 of the year before the future festival. The second and final deadline is December 10.

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Авторы документальных фильмов о правах человека могут принять участие в этом фестивале.

Международный фестиваль документального кино о правах человека Docudays UA, организованный Украинским Хельсинкским союзом по правам человека, пройдет в Киеве с 22 по 30 марта 2019 года.

К участию в конкурсных программах допускаются неигровые фильмы, созданные в 2017–2018 годах. 

Конкурсная программа разделена на три части, две международных категории: DOCU/WORLD – для фильмов длиной более 30 минут, DOCU/SHORT (фильмы продолжительностью не более 30 минут) и национальный конкурс Docu/Украина. Победители конкурса в этих категориях получат денежные призы в размере 1 000 долларов США. Также вручаются специальный приз жюри, приз имени Андрея Матросова и приз зрительских симпатий, размер призов – 1 000 долларов США.

Дедлайн – 20 ноября, продленный и финальный дедлайн – 10 декабря.