Study tour: Germany's historic coal year 2018

Clean Energy Wire is running a new call for applications for the study tour "Germany's historic coal year 2018". The tour will take place between 17-20 June and take us to Germany's industrial heartland Northrhine-Westphalia. It will offer all international journalists from countries with fossil fuel extraction in-depth insights into the following issues surrounding coal in Germany:

Is the world's largest lignite producer finally facing the dark side of the Energiewende? 

Long considered to be a clean energy pioneer, what is keeping Germany from following most of its European neighbours in phasing out coal? 

As coal mines close, how do local communities find new forms of employment and tax revenue? 

On the Paris pathway of ending fossil fuel extraction, is there a future for the German tradition of trade union-brokered social pacts? 

The application deadline is 05 May. 

All expenses during the tour are covered. Regarding travel costs, the following is available:

1.) 100 percent reimbursement (limited contingent)

2.)  60 percent reimbursement for climate-friendly modes of transport, such as train and coach travel, OR 40 percent reimbursement for air travel.

3.)  We also encourage applications from journalists who can self-fund their participation through their media outlet, an external source of funding or other. 

For all further info on the tour programme as well as the registration form, please visit this link on our website: