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  • Curtea Supremă de Justiție
    Pe 24 ianuarie se decide admisibilitatea unui recurs înaintat de Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery SA împotriva Guvernului Republicii Moldova.
  • Pe 24 ianuarie Curtea Supremă de Justiție examinează recursul Interacces-M SRL împotriva Consiliului Concurentei.
  • Curtea Supremă de Justiție
    Pe 24 ianuarie este examinată admisibilitatea unui recurs depus de Drancor SRL împotriva Ministerului Economiei și Infrastructurii.
  • Curtea Supremă de Justiție
    Pe 24 ianuarie se decide admisibilitatea recursului Inspectoratului General de Politie al MAI vs Inspecția Financiară din cadrul Ministerului Finanţelor.
  • Curtea Supremă de Justiție
    Pe 24 ianuarie se decide admisibilitatea recursului Eximbank-Gruppo Veneto Bancă SA împotriva SA Poliproiect, Andronic Arcadie, Andronic Mariana si SRL Poliproject Exhibitions.
  • Curtea de Apel Chișinău
    S.A. Termoelectrica se judecă cu Consiliul Municipal Chișinău, pe 2 februarie.
  • Moldexpo
    În perioada 31 ianuarie - 4 februarie 2018 are loc expoziţia naţională de servicii şi mărfuri autohtone, ”Made in Moldova”.
  • Pe 17 februarie în orașul subteran Cricova are loc festivalul vinurilor ”Underland”.
  • La Chișinău are loc concursul de vinuri și băutiru tari ”Black Sea Region Wines and Spirits”, pe 21-22 februarie 2018.
  • În perioada 21-23 februarie 2017 Poliproject Exhibitions organizează expoziţia specializată de vinuri ”ExpoVin Moldova”.
  • Pe 14-17 martie la Moldexpo se desfășoară expoziția de primăvară a tehnicii, produselor și serviciilor agricole ”Moldagroteh 2018”.
  • Pe 22-25 martie la Moldexpo este organizată expoziția de echipamente, tehnologii și servicii de construcție ”Moldconstruct 2018”.
  • În perioada 25-28 martie la Moldexpo se desfășoară expoziţia în domeniul energeticii ”MoldEnergy 2018”.
  • Pe 29-31 martie vinificatorii moldoveni participă la Campionatul Euroasiatic al Vinurilor și Băuturilor Tari, la Rostov (Rusia).
  • În perioada 29 martie - 1 aprilie la Chișinău are loc expoziția de produse și servicii de călătorii ”Turism. Agrement. Hoteluri”.
  • Pe 25-28 aprilie Moldexpo găzduiește expoziţia de tehnologii de conservare a energiei, instalaţii termice şi de alimentare cu gaze ”Moldenergy”.
  • La Chișinău are loc expoziţia specializată de produse alimentare şi materii prime pentru producerea acestora, ”Food & Drinks” (10-13 mai 2018).
  • În perioada 10-13 mai 2018 are loc expoziția internaţională de echipamente şi tehnologii pentru industria alimentară şi de prelucrare ”Food Technology”.
  • Pe 25-26 iunie 2018 la centrul Moldexpo din Chișinău are loc festivalul gratarului ”BBQ Fest”.
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Professional Programme on Facilitation and Participatory Leadership – Art of Hosting

toate Training

The practice of participatory leadership recognises strategic dialogue and conversations as drivers for development and change. Learn those skills from the 16th – 19th of August during our Training in Alpbach!

Date: August 16th – 19th, 2017

Language: English

About: Our training will offer lasting skills on how to face challenges in a participatory manner in companies and organisations as well as the wider community.

Who can participate? People who want to develop collaboration and participation skills, such as professionals in public service, social innovators and entrepreneurs, representatives of NGOs, leaders in business, and selected Forum Alpbach scholarship holders.


For paying participants: Places are limited and allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you want to register, please fill out our registration form and send it to Lara Weisz ( via e-mail. Registration is open till 30th of June!

For scholarships: Participants are selected among interested scholarship holders of the European Forum Alpbach 2017. Please send your application documents as a PDF along with your scholarship confirmation (from the Non-Profit Foundation of the European Forum Alpbach or one of the regional Clubs and IGs) between May 25th and June 10th to


The Alpbach Professional Programme on Facilitation and Participatory Leadership is a 3-day training course designed to teach simple yet powerful processes required for building a community, activating collective intelligence and fostering individual and collaborative leadership practices.

At the core of the training lies questions on how we can meet the complex challenges of today’s society and what are the practices and ways of working that can help us unlock potentials inherent in organisations in this age of diversity.

Based on “Art of Hosting” methodology, this training aims to give a dynamic and effective introduction to methods of working in a participatory and collective manner in order to tackle complex systems and challenges on local, regional, national levels and beyond.

The practice of participatory leadership recognises strategic dialogue and conversations as drivers for development and change. It can be used to good effect in areas such as:

  • Strategy-making
  • Stakeholder engagement and alignment
  • Organisational and community development
  • Leadership and management alignment
  • Team and network development
  • Staff engagement
  • Developing and animating networks and communities of practice

Conditions for participation and fees

Participation in this training is limited. We will keep the ratio 1:5 (1 Trainer: 5 Participants). 3/4 will be paying participants, 1/4 will hold a scholarship. Application for paying participants is on a on a first-come-first-serve basis, still all applicants are asked to answer a short set of questions in a motivation letter (max. 1 page):

Why are you interested in learning more about participatory leadership? What are you particularly interested in seeking to learn more about in the art of participatory leadership? Where will you apply what you have learned afterwards in life and work?

Paying Participants:

As the number of places is limited, we would recommend to register as as soon as possible.


Full price: EUR 1.000,- (companies, public administration etc.)

Reduced price: EUR 700,- (registered charities and social businesses )

The fees include only participation and lunch during main training days; accommodation and travel expenses are not included! We DO NOT offer room booking services. Please find further information here.

The participation fees have to be paid by June 15., 2017, latest.  If not paid by this date, your available position will be allocated to the person sitting highest on our waiting list.


The European Forum Alpbach will provide a number of scholarships for the “Art of Hosting” training for university students or recent high school graduates with a special interest in participatory leadership. Please note that you must first apply for a regular scholarship either from the Non-Profit Foundation of the European Forum Alpbach or one of the regional Clubs and IGs.  Please find more information in the information sheet.

For easy printing – all information as PDF.

For all questions concerning the Professional Programme and your application please contact:

Lara Weisz, Project Manager | T +43 (1) 718 17 11 – 26

print Imprima in format A4 Salvează în PDF

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