Supporting Independent Journalism and Innovation

The Program on Independent Journalism supports promising initiatives led by individuals or collectives that strive to improve their journalism under difficult circumstances, such as autocracy, violence, repression, or poverty—or in moments of great opportunity, such as first democratic elections, peace agreements, or massive social mobilizations.

The program also supports those enterprises that seek to further engage their audiences, experiment with storytelling, develop new sources of revenue, or network with peers across borders or invisible frontiers set up by extremist groups or organized crime. We prioritize initiatives that offer transferable and replicable models in the field.

Eligibility Criteria

Local and international organizations, networks, startups and informal groups involved in the production of journalism under difficult circumstances, investigative reporting, or freedom of expression and the protection of journalists are eligible for support.

Ineligibility Criteria

We are not able to provide support to the following:

  • individual journalistic projects such as documentaries, books, personal study courses, specific story proposals, or training for journalists
  • specific investigations or individual projects
  • project-based organisations targeting countries where journalists are deemed at risk

Nor do we support country-specific conferences, journalists’ safety training, first aid or digital security trainings, labor-rights issues, or media law reform.

Individuals in need of emergency assistance or legal support as a result of their journalistic work should contact the Committee to Protect Journalists or Media Legal Defence Initiatives, respectively.

Purpose and Priorities

We support creative, talented, and open-minded groups or media organizations working on any platform, especially in the places where verified, trustable information is not only scarce but also difficult to produce. Our priorities include: the development of new ideas, breaking new ground, and taking advantage of digital revolution.

We wish to secure a free and safe environment for journalism, focusing on activities that protect journalists, citizens practicing journalism, and sources or information from physical and legal harassment. Our aim is to improve global and regional connections, facilitate knowledge circulation, exchange ideas, and learn from various contexts.


Please complete the grant inquiry form to briefly describe your organization or media outlet, current work, and main challenges, as well as what you expect to achieve with our support. Please define clearly what best describes your work.

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