Introducing Index Origin, a $200 Million Seed Fund Investing in Entrepreneurs from Day One

Seed investing has always been the essence of venture capital. It requires the largest leap of faith and the strongest conviction. It demands a razor-sharp evaluation of raw talent and an alignment between founder and investor on what the world looks like in the future.

Over the past year, seed investing has become even more important in the venture ecosystem. More startups are being launched today than ever before, and the race to growing a company has reached record speed. These trends have accelerated the time between raising funding rounds, inevitably changing the rules of early-stage investing.

Today, we’re excited to introduce our new dedicated seed fund, Index Origin. Index Origin offers founders the focus and community of a dedicated seed fund, with the resources, network, and reach of a multi-stage global firm. In addition, Index Origin encourages collaboration with the seed ecosystem, including seed funds, solo general partners and angel investors.

What seed programs does Index Origin offer?

  1. First Hires: In the early days of a business, getting the team right is crucial. Index Origin’s recruiting team will partner with founders to think through strategies for recruiting and hiring early employees.
  2. Early Adopters: Index Origin will help founders gain access to key decision-makers at well-known companies, with the opportunity to become design partners and help startups with early customer feedback.
  3. Operating Experts: Over the last 25 years, Index has built an extensive network of specialists, experts, and authorities across product, sales, finance, operations, and engineering. Founders will have access to this network for help with specific advice or guidance.

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