THE CREATE FUND: Through Their Eyes

Shutterstock is powered by storytelling. And visual stories allow us to see both the subject on a canvas or screen, while also offering us a glimpse at the artist behind the brush or lens. We become familiar with their thoughts, experiences, and perceptions of the world as portrayed in their art. 

This grant is dedicated to “Their Eyes.” We want to celebrate and embolden the underrepresented female and non-binary perspectives in the world—and not just for one day. 

Examples include: What does beauty look like to you? What would you like to see more of in advertising? What makes you unique?

So, whether you’re a photographer, visual journalist, videographer, illustrator, 3D artist, or writer, we want to support your creative projects. This grant is for female and non-binary individuals all around the globe. Have a dream project? Let’s make it happen. 

Deadline: April 22nd, 2021 5pm EST


Grants will be awarded by a panel of judges selected for their expertise and experience in this field. Selection will be based on the ability to execute submitted proposals, and the applicant’s ability to document a visual story depicting their unique perspective as an artist. The panel will evaluate the submitted portfolio, project proposal, and the creative’s professional ability to execute said proposal. 

All applicants are encouraged to outline how their projects will add to the narrative of the female and non-binary perspective. 

To receive winnings, applicants must have a bank account. The winners will receive support from the Shutterstock team to promote their work on multiple channels and maximize the sales of their content. 

Submission Requirements: 

• Project speaks to seeing the world through a female and non-binary perspective.

• Project Proposal (between 400–600 words): A word document outlining the execution and goal of the project.

• A short biography detailing who you are and your professional experience.

• 5–10 visual examples that relate to the project you want to pursue.

• The proposal must be submitted in English.*

Grant Award: $10,000

• 1st Prize: $5,000 

• 2nd & 3rd Prize: $2,500

Winners To Be Announced: On or after June 1st, 2021