USAID hires Project Management Specialist

SOLICITATION NO.: 72011721R03 

CLOSING DATE/TIME FOR RECEIPT OF OFFERS: 3/10/2021 at 11:59 p.m. Chisinau Time

POSITION TITLE: Project Management Specialist (Gender, Youth and Vulnerable Populations)

MARKET VALUE: Basic Annual rate (in U.S. Dollars): $30,298-45,434  

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Employment under any contract issued under this solicitation is of  a continuing nature. Its duration is expected to be part of a series of sequential contracts; all contract  clauses, provisions, and regulatory requirements concerning availability of funds and the specific duration of the contract shall apply. The initial CCNPSC contract will be for an initial five year  period, with possible renewal pending continued need for the position, contractor performance, and  funds availability.

PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Chisinau, Moldova. 

SECURITY LEVEL REQUIRED: Foreign Service National Security Certification 

The Project Management Specialist (“the Specialist”) position is located in the Democracy and  Governance Office (DG) of the Mission. The DG Office manages a large and dynamic portfolio of  projects with an annual team budget of $17.3M that focuses on advancing the capacity of citizens to  effectively engage and partner with governing entities, leading to more inclusive and democratic  institutions that are responsive to citizens’ concerns and resistant to malign influences. The Office also  manages activities focused on child protection, focusing on youth and the most vulnerable Moldovans, to  ensure adequate conditions allowing them to live as fully engaged citizens in Moldova. The DG Office  actively coordinates on cross-cutting goals with the Economic Growth team related to education and skills  development related to media literacy, technology, and other themes, and digital transformation.  


  • Activity Management/COR/AOR Duties: 40%  
  • Technical Advice: 30%  
  • Planning & Procurement: 15% 
  • Coordination, Representation, and Communication: 15%  

POINT OF CONTACT: Completed offers (including all required documents - see section IV below) must be submitted electronically to: When submitting an application, the solicitation number and the title of the position are to be mentioned in the subject line of the email.