Гранты на журналистские расследования преступлений против журналистов

Профессиональные журналисты, а также активисты и блогеры, занимающиеся расследованиями, могут подать заявки в эту программу.

Организация "Справедливость для журналистов" (Justice for Journalists) предлагает гранты на расследования преступлений, направленных против журналистов и блогеров.

Программа принимает проекты журналистских материалов, работа над которыми не требует путешествий за границу. Максимальная сумма гранта — 50 000 долларов США.

Заявка должна включать детально прописанный бюджет и описание (объемом в 500 слов), в описании нужно подчеркнуть, что именно делает этот проект новым и важным и какое воздействие может иметь готовый материал.

Дедлайн — 14 марта.


Grants are available to investigative journalists, both professional and non-professional (bloggers, social activists), both in wartime and peacetime. The broad topic of our grants is Investigation into violent crimes against journalists, freelancers and bloggers. 

This year, JFJ will accept grant applications in the three subject areas. More information available HERE. 

Our grants cover the hard costs of getting to the story (local travel only) and reporting it – airfare, hotels, meals, ground transportation, fixers, translators, as well as the reasonable fee for the justifiable duration of the project. We expect you to try to keep your costs down, which means no business class, no fancy hotels, no unreasonable fees for fixers, no prolonged stays in the field.

This year, due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, we will only accept proposals for investigating and reporting the stories that do not require any foreign travel. Therefore this year the maximum amount offered for each individual grant is USD 50’000.

Deadline is 14 March 2021.

Applications must be received in English or Russian. Within a week of your submission, you should receive a confirmation of receipt. Typically applications receive a response within a calendar month.

The Foundation’s Advisory and Expert Boards will examine applications between 15 March and 15 April, and announce their decision by the end of April 2021.

Our grants are subject to the following criteria. Unless they are met, your grant proposal will not be considered by JFJ.

More information and application page here: https://jfj.fund/grantapplication/