New grant programme to dig into Modern Slavery in Europe

Today launches Modern Slavery Unveiled: a project to provide critical resources and know-how to journalists to investigate the exploitation of Asian victims of human trafficking and forced labour in Europe.

The project comprises of a grant programme for investigative journalists, a mentor programme for grantees, and a training programme for journalists and civil society organisations.

Grant programme

Cross-border teams of professional journalists can apply for a grant to cover working time and/or expenses to document and expose aspects and cases of forced labour, human trafficking and other issues related to the exploitation of Asian victims in Europe.

Mentor programme

Next to a grant, teams can also apply for a experienced mentor to provide assistance with either the focus of the investigation or the need for competences in a specific skill.

Training programme

In a next stage will also deploy a training programme for journalists and civil society organisations. Training topics will include security, knowledge on human trafficking, project management, cross-border investigations, and dissemination and impact maximisation.

First grant application deadline: 18 March

The first deadline for project applications is Thursday 18 March 2021, 12 pm CET.

In the first round there is €80,000 available to allocate to the most interesting project proposals. 

The Modern Slavery Unveiled project will have four application rounds in total. The average interval between project calls will be six months.